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“I have recently just finished a few sessions of counselling with Pauline to assist me with some issues I have been having. I needed help with some of the relationships in my life and have been struggling with commitment. She was a really big help to me, listened throughout, was never judgmental and was always trying to enable me to find a solution to each point I raised. She was calm and friendly and put me at ease.

She gave me some self help tools which included something called ‘Mindfullness’, a technique focused on breathing and returning your mind to the present. Your breathing is constant and ever-present so by focusing on it you can be in the present which has really helped to clear my mind of all of my worries.

I would recommend Pauline to anyone in the area that needs someone there to just listen to them. She is the friendly face that you need if you are having problems in your personal life and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough”


“I felt at ease and comfortable from the first session, I felt more positive when I left. The book I was given was a very nice thought and will help me keep on track”


“I would just like to make a comment on the gentle and quiet approach to the way Pauline helped me with the very sad process around the death of my Husband. My head was just a scramble of emotions that even with great family support, I couldn’t unravel. Pauline with her very gentle approach managed to help me to talk my head into accepting that my Husband had died. I will always be grateful to Pauline for her help which will always be remembered. Slowly but surely I am seeing that I must get on with my life, with my Husband very much in my heart.”

Thank you



“Pauline has helped me enormously to regain some confidence and become more “me” again after my sons serious accident. She has empowered me to try to help myself, albeit slowly and I am very grateful for that”



“After being together with my ex wife for nearly 8 years and married for 4 years we separated. At the time I felt my whole life had fallen apart and I could not see how I could ever recover from it; no matter how much my friends and family said “not to worry things will get better in time”

I am a very proud man and I have always thought I knew the answers to most things or at least how to find them out; however for the first time in my life I was truly lost. I locked myself away and alienated myself from friends and family, hoping everything would be ok when I woke up in the morning. I felt that I had wasted the past 8 years of my life and how could I start all over again; my friends and family got really worried and kept telling me that I needed help but my pride always took over and I tried to fix it on my own. I finally accepted that I needed help after taking myself down a dark path which led me to having thoughts about taking my own life.


I really did not want to go down the road of depression tablets so one of my work colleagues gave me a number of a counsellor. As a very proud man it took a lot for me to spill my heart, fears and tears but once I had my first session it immediately gave me hope. I felt a huge relief to get everything of my chest with somebody who was completely impartial as they did not tell me what they thought I wanted to hear. I knew that only having one session was not going to fix everything so I then continued having counselling for the next few months; there were certainly times when I struggled but after each session I started to see that my life was only really just beginning and not ending.


I will always be truly grateful to my counsellor as I have never been happier; I look back at my old life and I truly feel I had a very lucky escape! My counsellor helped me understand what I really wanted out of life and what was most important to me. If I could give any advice to someone who is struggling in life, for one reason or another, is to seek help by the way of a counsellor; they help you make sense of everything while your brain is not functioning how it would normally do so.